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Welcome to BBC News! British Broadcasting Company

The British Broadcasting Company, the name that BBC initially carried, was formed by a group of known wireless manufacturers including radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi in October 1922. The first radio bulletin was first broadcasted on 14 November 1922 from 2LO, which was one of the two experimental stations in London at that time. This was followed by a number of daily broadcasts that had spread across the United Kingdom. BBC started its first year broadcasting plays, popular and classical music concerts, talk and variety programs. This was being aired from the company’s first home in Savoy Hill. In 1932, BBC moved its operation to the Broadcasting House, in Portland Place which was then the world’s first purpose-built radio production centre. The place quickly became a city landmark and was even termed as "a new Tower of London ". In the manner that BBC provided means of media presentation, the public’s interest in television and live events increased by a great number which even overtook the radio’s audience. This was heightened when the broadcasting company aired Elizabeth II’s coronation on 2 June 1953. This event drove a number of people to purchase their own television sets and gave BBC a positive indication that the television age has finally arrived and will soon be equally important as radio in the United Kingdom. In June 1960, the company opened its BBC Television Centre in West London. From this on, BBC made an effort to work on the company’s advancement which was evidently shown in their BBC local radio stations and color television broadcasts.

BBC News , which was originally BBC News and Current Affairs , has become known for its quality up-to-date news delivery and global information presentation. Based in BBC Television Centre (TVC), Wood Lane, London, the company also operates in a number of regional offices across the Unite Kingdom as well as in over 44 news bureaus worldwide. The News Operation is definite to move from the Television Centre to the Broadcasting House at Portland Place in Central London which possesses new facilities. Being in the industry for many years and holding on to its integrity of delivering up-to-date news and information around the globe, BBC News is definitely one of the names in the industry that would stand firm by its values and mission.

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''BBC News''', previously known as ''BBC News and Current Affairs'', is a major arm of the BBC, responsible for the the corporation's news-gathering and production of news programmes on BBC television, radio and online. Producing almost 100 hours of output daily,<ref>{{cite web or url=http://www.
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